Imagine your roofing project actually getting done right, the FIRST TIME. 

We combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to ensure every roof repair is not just a fix, but a long-term solution. You can trust that our work will stand the test of time. Call us or Click the link below!


Years of Experience & Expert Roof Crafting


Years of Experience & Expert Roof Crafting


Years of Experience & Expert Roof Crafting


Years of Experience & Expert Roof Crafting


Austin's Residential & Commercial Roofing Specialists!

We take great pride in being known as “your above and beyond team”… and that motto reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and satisfaction to you. We are proved, we are time-tested (28 years strong) and our track record speaks for itself! We are wholeheartedly committed to providing you with the finest roofing services available, and we stand firmly behind the quality of our work.

So whether you need roof installation, roof repair, solar shingle installation, roof shampoo, roof cleaning, or general roof maintenance services, our team has you covered! Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you and fulfill all your roofing needs. Be sure to checkout our great Financing Options as well! We look forward to working with you!

Residential Roofing Services & Solutions

Commercial Roofing Services & Solutions

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Our Roofing Services

At Precision Roof Crafters, we offer a wide array of roofing services, and the following list only highlights a few of our many expert roofing related solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Residential Roofing

We bring safety and style to your home with our top-notch residential roofing services.

Balcony Leak Repair

We will seamlessly repair balcony and/or patio leaks, restoring safety and aesthetics to your outdoor space.

Commercial Roofing

We offer unique roofing solutions for businesses, ensuring durability and professionalism for your commercial needs.

Roof Replacement

We help transform properties with high-quality roof replacement for enhanced durability and curb appeal.

Roof Cleaning

Revitalizing your roof’s appearance and longevity with our thorough and eco-friendly cleaning services. As about our Patented Roof Shampoo Services!

Roof Leak Repair

Swiftly addressing roof leaks with expert repair services that will actually last, as to safeguard your home from further water damage. We are on call, 24/7!

Roof Maintenance

Proactively extending your roof's life with comprehensive maintenance, tailored to keep it in prime condition. Ask about our Overhead Care Club, for only $14.95 a month!


We're dedicated to leading the way in the roofing world. Our goal? Pursuing the ongoing development of our professionals in all aspects of our industry in order to provide the highest quality service to our customers.  Through action, Precision Roof Crafters is changing perceptions of the roofing industry, positively.


For more than 20 years, Precision Roof Crafters has built strong relationships with homeowners and businesses from Texas to Florida.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Rest assured, our local roofing experts are here to give you top-quality work and customer service you can rely on and we will always stand by our work!


Whether residential or commercial, we do not take your trust for granted! Satisfaction is guaranteed & taking care of you and your property is our #1 priority. We are a licensed local roofing company and are committed to providing fair and transparent pricing, with no sticker shock. We will tell you up front, with zero funny business.

Why Precision Roof Crafters, Austin Texas?

We have been serving Texas with distinction since 1996! From Commercial Roofing renovation to Residential Roofing, catastrophe restoration and new construction services, if it's roofing, we do it! We have completed over 28,000 roofing projects with zero failures to complete.  The driving force of our company is our unyielding commitment to client satisfaction and we have gained the trust and loyalty of many new clients as a direct result of that level of commitment. Today, perhaps the greatest sign of Precision Roof Crafters’ success is the fact that over 70% of our work is performed for repeat clients and referrals. Devoted to quality, our standards will not be compromised. You can count on our Austin roofing contractors to provide you with excellent quality and customer service.


Successful Roof Projects, with Zero Failures.


We Strive to Elevate Standards in Roofing & Pledge Superior Craftsmanship

At Precision Roof Crafters, we are committed to the highest standards in roofing excellence. Our team's unparalleled expertise, commitment to using the finest materials, our internal ongoing education of our team members and a deep understanding of our clients' needs ensure that every roof we craft is a testament to durability and style. Join us to see why our approach to roofing sets a new benchmark in the industry.

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Precision Roof Replacement & Installation, Austin

Your Trusted Austin Roofing Company

Experience Superior Roofing Expertise for Every Space: Our skilled professionals provide exceptional roofing services for both commercial and residential properties, guaranteeing enduring safety and elegance across Austin.

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The Precision Roof Crafters Difference: We are your Ultimate choice for quality and reliability.

At Precision Roof Crafters, we combine state-of-the-art techniques and unwavering dedication to deliver roofing solutions that epitomize durability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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Advanced, but Classic Techniques.
Commitment to Excellence 
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By Voting Precision Roof Crafters As Austin's Best of the Best!

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Our roofing experts are all about your safety and making sure you're satisfied with a job well done, every single day, every single time we serve you.


We are experts with all roofing types and systems. Whether it's your home, business, factory, or school, we're here for you. From Asphalt Shingles to Metal Roofing, Tile Roofing to Flat Roofing, we've got all your roof needs covered.


Get ready for an awesome journey with us! But if things ever seem not so great, we've got your back. Our commitment to doing things right and ensuring your happiness is unwavering. Your contentment is super important to us!

At Precision Roof Crafters, we're continually growing and enhancing our expertise to offer you the best possible service. Our commitment to providing top-tier roof repair, roof replacement, and professional roofing services is unwavering. Our team of Austin roofing contractors is dedicated to staying current with the latest techniques and services in the industry to exceed your expectations. Whether it's your primary residence, other residential properties, or commercial buildings, trust us to deliver exceptional roofing services. Our commitment to timeliness and meticulous care ensures you receive unparalleled service every time. Count on Precision Roof Crafters for superior roofing solutions in our great city of Austin, ensuring quality and reliability with every project! Call Us!


Roofing Emergency? We'll take your call, regardless of the time.