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Houston, TX has never been known for its temperate summers, so it should come as no surprise that local homeowners are always looking for new ways to keep their homes cool and their families comfortable. What most don’t realize is that there are more affordable ways to keep homes cool than investing in a brand-new air conditioner every time a more energy-efficient model comes out. A change as simple as adding or improving attic ventilation can make a big difference when it comes to both temperature moderation and energy bills.

Why Attic Ventilation Is So Important

This will sound obvious once homeowners have read it: heat rises, so without anywhere to go, it gets trapped in a home’s attic. Add to this the fact that even the most insulated roof still absorbs some energy from the sun, and it becomes clear why it’s so important to have an effective roof ventilation system in place. 

The problem isn’t that unventilated attics are too hot to be comfortable. After all, people rarely spend any amount of time in these hidden areas. If attics are used for anything, it’s typically storing items that only need to be accessed on rare occasions. 

The problem is that it’s not an attic’s ability to maintain comfortable temperatures that are in question. The question is whether the heat trapped in an unventilated or poorly ventilated attic will affect the rest of the home, and the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Venting all of that hot air helps to moderate temperatures in the rest of the house. This, in turn, improves the energy efficiency of the home, helps residents stay comfortable, reduces strain on the air conditioning system, and lowers monthly cooling bills.

The Role of Attic Fans

Passive ventilation systems might cut it in cooler climates, but in Houston, it takes some extra work to vent all of that hot air. That’s where attic fans come in. Roofers often install these mechanical devices as part of their attic ventilation repair services, and with good reasons. An exhaust fan can actively pull hot air out of the house, providing far more ventilation than simply opening windows and hoping for a breeze.

Who to Call for Ventilation Installation

Every homeowner knows that when shingles start showing signs of wear or the flashing comes loose around a chimney, it’s time to call a local roofer. Thankfully, some roof repair companies also offer attic ventilation installation services. These industry experts are committed to keeping their clients comfortable and safe, and they recognize the essential role that ventilation plays in achieving those goals.

When modern roofers work with general contractors to complete new construction projects, they always install mechanical ventilation systems in the attic. However, this practice has not been commonplace for long. The recent emphasis on improving energy efficiency has changed the way contractors look at building design.

If a home was built before the mid-80s, the chances are good that the only attic ventilation system in place is a pair of small windows that can be opened on hot days. Thankfully, modern roofers also have plenty of experience with retrofitting old homes. With the right training, these experts can size the ventilation system effectively and integrate the fan into the rest of the home’s electrical system with ease.

How to Tell an Attic’s Ventilation Needs Improvement

The most obvious sign that homeowners should call a professional for attic ventilation repairs is a complete lack of vents. It’s important to note here that attic vents won’t always look like windows, nor will they always be obvious from the outside. Ridge vents, for example, run along the peak of a home’s roof and present a low profile.

Just having vents in place isn’t enough to guarantee that the attic won’t hold excessive heat. Attic fans are crucial to ensuring the proper function of the ventilation system, and they must be sized appropriately to maximize effectiveness.

Homeowners who aren’t sure whether their attics have vents and fans or not should be able to tell that there’s a problem on hot summer days. Head up to the attic and get a feel for the temperature. It’s normal for an attic to be slightly hotter than the living areas of an air-conditioned home, but if it feels like walking into a solar oven, that’s a problem.

It can be a little harder to tell if an attic is properly ventilated once the temperatures start to drop. That said, homeowners who want to complete their attic ventilation inspections in the winter aren’t completely out of luck. The warm air that escapes from a heated living space will also carry moisture up into the attic. If an attic looks or feels damp during the winter months, that’s also a sure sign it needs better ventilation.

The Importance of Prompt Fan Repairs

Once homeowners determine that their roofs have proper ventilation, they often forget about the entire subject. That’s not a great idea, though, because even high-quality attic fans can malfunction. When this happens, the home will start to heat back up and the AC unit will go back to working overtime. 

Homeowners who have taken a set-it-and-forget-it approach to attic ventilation may not even realize why their monthly electricity bills have suddenly begun to climb, but the problem won’t resolve itself. The only way to get those monthly energy bills back under control is to schedule attic ventilation repairs.

Call a Reliable Roofer

Homeowners who need attic ventilation improvements shouldn’t trust just any Houston roofer. It’s best to work with the same team of experts for all of a home’s roofing needs, and Houston residents deserve to work with industry experts who will always go above and beyond the competition to provide excellent service at affordable prices. 

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