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While Houston, TX can be a good place to live if you aren’t a fan of heavy snow or freezing temperatures, the climate still comes with its own challenges. One struggle you may have when you own a house in Houston is moss and algae growth on your roof!

Moss and algae love moisture, and the limestone in roofing materials gives them plenty of food to thrive. The result can be a roof that looks very dirty, and will deteriorat faster.

Unlike other roof cleaning companies, we are the only Roofing Company in Houston that offers the covetted Roof Shampoo Cleaning System.  We are dedicated to the overall health of your roof and we only use professional soft wash services that will make your roof look beautiful without damaging it.

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What Are the Benefits of Roof Cleaning?

Many of our customers wonder if roof cleaning is worth investing in as part of regular maintenance. While every situation is different, we find that the benefits of having your roof regularly cleaned nearly always outweigh the roof cleaning costs! Here are some of the benefits of roof cleaning services:

Improved Appearance

Improving the appearance of the roof is one of the first reasons that homeowners seek out professional roof cleaning. Regardless of what type of material your roof is made out of, it will look better when it is free from dirt, moss, algae, and debris. Regular roof cleaning will boost your home’s curb appeal or help you to avoid nasty letters from your HOA.

Extended Lifespan

While appearance is important, it isn’t the only reason to invest in roof cleaning services. Keeping your roof clean is also good for your home and your wallet because it will help to extend the lifespan of your roof. Having moss and debris on your roof can cause your roof to degrade much faster and you may find yourself having to replace your roof sooner than expected.

Prevent Leaks and Reduce Repair Costs

When you have anything sitting on your roof, it can attract moisture. Moisture that is in contact with your shingles can lead to rot which may have you calling for more frequent repairs. If you want to prevent leaks and minimize the number of repairs that your roof needs over the years, one of the best ways to do this is through roof cleaning services and Precision Roof Crafters is the ONLY company in all of Houston Texas, that offers the coveted Roof Shampoo Cleaning System.

Roof cleaning cost is often much more manageable than frequent repairs. Give us a call today and see how amazingly affordable this service really is!

Keep the Pests Away

While algae and moss may not look attractive to you or your neighbors, they can make the perfect home for pests too! Precision Roof Crafters is your Houston Texas Roof cleaner and we can help you to keep pests away from your roof and your home.

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How the Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process Works

Many roof cleaning companies have realized that harsh power washing can damage roofs. That’s why we use special equipment that allows us to get your roof just as clean without harsh products or high-pressure washing.

With each of our professional roof cleaning services, we use a soft wash. When we rinse, we use water that is sprayed with low pressure. The pressure is around 100 psi, which is even safe enough to spray on your hand.  This removes most of the debris that is on your roof.

We will then use a gentle roof cleaner which is a special solution made from biodegradable ingredients to better remove algae, mold, moss, or fungus! The cleaning solution will kill off spores without damaging your shingles. And because we also want to protect the area around your home, we won’t use any substances that are harmful to the landscaping and plants that you have near your home. Once we are done, your roof should look like new without any of the stains or stripes that it had before.

How Often Do You Need Roof Cleaning?

The frequency of roof cleaning may depend on where you live and what material your roof is made from. However, most people in Houston, TX find that professional roof cleaning is needed every one to two years. If you are having our team at Precision Roof Crafters come and perform regular inspections on your roof, we will let you know when it is time to have your roof cleaned. You can also keep an eye on it yourself and call as soon as you notice a build-up of stains on your roof.

Our Roof Cleaning in Houston, TX

Every day on the job at Precision Roof Crafters, we strive to live up to our name. We believe that having care and precision in everything that we do from the smallest to the largest job gives you more peace of mind when you call us for roofing services. We know how important your roof is to the safety of your home so we are meticulous in every service we provide.

A lot of our success comes from the way that we train our team. We believe that continual training and education are important ways to help us stay on top of the most recent roof cleaning, installation, and repair techniques. Each of our team members, from roofers to office staff, goes through training that is designed to help give you the best experience.

We are also precise in the way that we plan and execute our roofing services. We are dedicated to completing all of our jobs on time and to keeping you informed along the way. While we always use the best tools and materials, we also look for ways to keep the cost lower for you.

At Precision Roof Crafters, we have been serving Houston, TX, and the nearby areas since 1996. We are Green Screened and all of our roof cleaners have the Technician Seal of Safety. If your roof is showing signs of moss, mold, algae, or other staining and you are looking for safe and effective roof cleaning in Houston, TX, give us a call at (713) 799-8555.

At Precision Roof Crafters, we offer 24/7 services and are available online or by phone. To schedule an appointment, you can call (713) 799-8555 or you can fill out our online form.

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