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Gutter Services Near Houston, TX

Few Houston homeowners give a lot of thought to the gutter and downspouts on their home – if they have gutters installed on their home at all. The truth is, however, that a Houston gutter system can save homeowners thousands of dollars in structural damages.

Gutters are a simple way to channel rainwater off of your roof and away from your home. They protect your home from damage because roofing won’t stand up to water constantly running down the sides of the house, or going on the fascia boards and rafters.

At Precision Roof Crafters, our professional Houston roofing contractors will help you take care of your home through gutter installation and gutter maintenance services. With our professional gutter cleaning service, we will clean your gutters, check the downspouts for proper water flow and also check the gutter drainage to ensure the water is draining properly.

Our Gutter Services in Houston, TX

Why are gutter services so important? When water is allowed to run from your roof directly onto the ground, it can cause more than a little mischief. When the water is allowed to run down the sides of your roof, it can cause rot, mold, and leaks on your home’s siding. It can also erode your home’s landscaping and cause problems with your foundation. 

At Precision Roof Crafters, our motivation for quality services comes from a strong desire to help our community with every installation and repair that we perform. We specialize in finding cost-effective solutions to many different problems that can happen in your home or commercial property. If your gutters are getting old or your property has no way of draining rainwater, let our local roofers help!

Gutter Installation and Replacement Services in Houston

Since Houston gets more inches of rain on average than many other places in the country, having quality gutters is even more important. With our gutter installation services, not only do we keep our subtropical climate in mind, but we also look at the structure and design of your home and landscaping. Some buildings need larger gutters to be able to move more water away from the home at a time. One of the first things we will do when you call for a gutter replacement is to help you choose gutters that will serve you the best. 

Choosing the Right Gutters for Your Home

There are many different gutter styles, sizes, and materials. When helping you select your gutters, we focus on matching the aesthetics of your home and providing adequate protection. Here are some of the styles of gutters that we install in Houston. 

Seamless Gutters

Most gutters can either be installed as seamed or seamless gutters. From a longevity and functionality standpoint, seamless gutters are the better option. This is because each gutter is a single piece of material. Without seams, the gutters are less likely to leak and they also have fewer problems with clogging. Seamless gutters should always be installed by a professional roofer since the gutter sections will be as long as each side of your home and they can be difficult to install. All of the following styles are available as seamless gutters. 

K Style Gutters

If you are looking for gutters that blend into your home’s existing design and look like they are a part of the original architecture, K-style gutters may be the best choice. They are designed to look like the molding on your house and they can be purchased in many different colors. They are not just built to look beautiful on your home. Their design and unique shape are also engineered to make these gutters more durable so they can hold up better in a storm. 

Half Round Gutters

If you want a design that is beautiful and won’t clog as easily,  we may recommend half-round gutters. These gutters are in the shape of a half circle and can come in vinyl, galvanized steel, or copper materials. These gutters are the easiest to maintain because debris doesn’t get easily trapped in their round shape and they don’t rust as quickly. However, they aren’t able to move as much water as other styles of gutters. 

Box Gutters

If you have a commercial property or you need to be able to move large quantities of water at one time, you can ask us about box gutters. These gutters are much bigger than k-style and half-round gutters and they can handle even the heaviest rainstorms. Box gutters typically need to be installed at the same time as a roof installation or replacement since they are installed underneath the shingles of your home or business. 

Choosing Gutter Materials

Once you choose the style of gutter that you want for your home, our roofers will help you decide on the right materials. Here are some of the most common materials: 

  • Aluminum: Aluminum gutters are always a good choice because they are lightweight and won’t put a lot of strain on your roof. They are also affordable, don’t rust very quickly, and come in many different colors so that you can perfectly match your home’s exterior. 
  • Copper: Copper is a heavy-duty material that is often prized for its beautiful aesthetic. Copper gutters are durable and can last a long time. 
  • Vinyl: Vinyl gutters can be a good option in humid climates because they don’t rust. They are also affordable and easy to install. 

Gutter Repair in Houston

If you already have gutters that you are happy with, but a section of your gutters has been damaged by a recent storm or a falling tree branch, we can come and inspect your gutters. Our gutter repair services can help solve problems with leaks, incorrect draining, clogs, and more. 

Sometimes gutters can begin to separate from the roof, causing water to run down the sides of the house again. With our repair services, we can reattach your gutters and seal any holes, cracks, or leaking seams. We can also install gutter guards if you are having frequent problems with clogged gutters. 

If you have a roofing emergency, our gutter repair services and all of our other repairs are available 24/7. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll get to your home no matter what time of day or night it is. 

Gutter Maintenance in Houston

Cleaning your gutters on average should be performed twice a year to ensure a clean and trouble-free gutter system. We encourage you to take advantage of our Overhead Care Club©, which includes discounted Houston gutter cleaning services. With a club membership, you’ll also get regular inspections and roof maintenance for everything from your shingles to your skylights. Contact Precision Roof Crafters today for more information.

Why Precision Roof Crafters? 

The success of Precision Roof Crafters is reflected in the quality of our services and the drive to get the job done right the first time, every time. It has been and will always be our intention to provide all our clients with a single point of contact for all their residential roofing needs, including gutter systems and gutter maintenance. For more information, please consider giving us a call or sending us a message below. Our locally-based, friendly representatives are available and happy to help!

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Gutters may seem like just a small part of your roof, but they are important. By protecting your home from moisture, you can save your property from water damage and keep your repair bills to a minimum. Give Precision Roof Crafters a call today to schedule gutter services. With our fast and professional gutter installations, gutter repairs, and gutter maintenance services, you can keep the exterior of your home in perfect condition. 

We have been serving Houston and the surrounding areas since 1996. We look forward to helping your home and business with our gutter services. Call us today or request services on the form below.

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