Before The Heat Hits, Get Out and Enjoy H-Town!


The Texas Dragon Boat Festival in collaboration with Buffalo Bayou Partnership presents the 17th Annual Houston Dragon Boat Festival. The festival showcases 30 teams competing along the shores of Buffalo Bayou at Allen’s Landing, and will feature Asian cuisine, music, arts and crafts, and cultural performances for the whole family.

Because we have an appreciation for the culture, we thought we would share some landmark roofs from our neighbors to the east.

Roof of the Grand Master Dou temple of Taiwan.  

Historic drum tower and prayer hall with distinctive flying eave roofs at Wenshu Buddhist temple, Chengdu. The high flying eave is characteristic of central and southern China. They are often decorated as clouds.


So there’s a legend that the roofs are curved and pointy like this to keep evil spirits out. Actually, it’s to allow more sunlight into the building.

Here’s a great combination of old and new; it’s a housing complex in Nanning.

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