Solar future on your roof is bright, but here’s what you need to know


One of the hottest (pun intended) topics out there in the roofing world these days is solar power, and specifically, whether solar panel systems are a safe and smart addition to your home or property. Talk of renewable energy in general has been growing over the past decade or so, but there’s been a real spike in interest recently with Elon Musk and Tesla debuting their solar shingles, that the company claims will be cheaper and more durable than traditional shingles, with the added benefit of generating cheap electricity from the sun.

Time will tell if those promises come true or not, but to answer the most common question we receive about solar panel systems here at Precision Roof Crafters, “Yes, solar panel systems are totally safe for your home when they’re properly installed”

While we don’t do the actual solar panel system installation work – there are so many kinds of solar panel systems with so many parts, you want a team that is specially trained for the system you purchase. However, we’ll come out to do some of the prep work like taking care of the waterproofing and under lament that has to be in good shape before the panels go up. If that step is overlooked or done wrong then it’s a very expensive and time-consuming fix since you have to get the solar company to pull the panels off and reinstall them after the roofing contractor has made whatever repairs have to be done.

The good news that should dispel lots of worries is that solar panels have gotten much lighter and in some cases smaller as the technology has improved, which means they don’t cause dangerous stress on the roof. If panels are installed along the rafters there’s no reason why they’d cause any structural integrity problems for your roof.

There’s no doubt that there’s going to be lots of opportunity to take advantage of the growing popularity of solar energy in the coming years, and that’s great news for homeowners or businesses that want to go green, and maybe save some green of their own in the long run.

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