Before the call, do some roof detective work to solve a leak


Noticing a water stain or a leak on a ceiling then suddenly your house can seem like a crime scene that has to be picked apart and solved, so you can find the source of the leak and determine what kind of damage has been done. Here at Precision Roof Crafters we don’t recommend that home and property owners call us first thing when they discover a leak or evidence of a leak. Instead, it’s best to do some looking around first to see what kind of mitigation steps you can take on your own to keep a small problem from getting worse. That means getting up into the attic space if you have one and tracking down where the water is entering.

In some cases the leak will be small enough that putting a bucket or some other receptacle underneath it to catch the water will stop the damage from getting worse, and hopefully keep anything from penetrating your insulation and sheetrock. Doing some detective work on your own first can also help determine if the problem is coming from a roof leak or a plumbing leak, or something like an air conditioning drip pan that is overflowing and can be fixed pretty quickly and easily. Taking those steps on your own first can save you the money and hassle of calling the wrong kind of contractor out on the job in the first place. We are of course available and ready to come and check out a problem whenever we get a call from a customer looking for help, but our emergency service calls come with an attached fee and it’s better for the owner if they can save themselves a bit of money by trying to mitigate the problem themselves with a bucket and some other barrier to keep any water from flowing further into the home. Once that’s stopped, we can come out for a more standard – and less expensive – service call to get to the root of the problem and put a plan together to fix it properly.

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