The Dino Difference Is Dynamite!


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It’s rare to spot one, much less capture one! But we’ve got this amazing creature as a workhorse for our team! Its official name is the SkyWorker PTK 31 and it’s made by a German company called Paus. When we first saw it in action, it reminded us of the brontosaurus that Fred Flintstone slides down at the end of a workday. So we named it “Dino.” And because there are only 12 such machines in the United States, we’re darn proud of him at Precision Roof Crafters!

  • When we deliver Dino, people are astonished by its compact size! The aluminum trailer is so light, we can pull it with a car. No heavy-duty trailer truck needed!
  • Dino’s wheels are lifted, the telescopic supports are locked in place, and Dino is crouched and ready for work!
  • The hoisting height of Dino is eight stories and its powerful sturdy arm can extend over 100 ft! That means roofing refuse such as old nails and shingles can be removed with greater accuracy to a ready dumpster, avoiding landscaping, lawns, pavements and driveways. Our clients love that! Then new roofing materials can be delivered precisely and safely up top!

The smaller footprint of Dino makes it ideal for when we work on multi-residential complexes, like condos, apartment homes and boutique housing developments. There is generally just a little spot between homes at places like that; a tough fit that requires most roofing companies to form a fire-brigade delivery method to get old shingles down and new materials up.

Dino eliminates that need, and keeps a jobsite cleaner and more organized. And the more swiftly that goes, the quicker your roof is installed!

Need a new roof, but got a tight space? We’re here to help! And so is Dino! We’ll be there before you can say, “Yabba-Dabba-Dooooo!”

If you are looking for a professional Houston Roofing contractor then please call 1-713-799-8555 or complete our Online Request Form.

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