Roofing Advisor Khaled Talks Attic Ventilation on Airing it Out With Air Vent

Who Is Precision Roof Crafters?

Precision Roof Crafters roofing adviser Khaled shares expert information on the Airing It Out with Air Vent Podcast!

Precision Roof Crafters are a team of industry experts who are highly skilled in roofing services. The contractors at Precision Roof Crafters provide roof replacement, repairs, and maintenance throughout the Houston area. Khaled is a roofing adviser in Houston, TX, who specializes in various areas of roofing services. That includes roof repair, installation, commercial roofing, industrial roofing, and more. Khaled is committed to high-quality work and makes customer satisfaction a top priority. 

Airing It Out with Air Vent

Airing It Out with Air Vent is a Podcast dedicated to everything you need to know about air ventilation services. Air Vent is a Gibraltar Industries company that manufactures a complete line of attic ventilation products. This includes highly durable, top-quality ridge vent systems. Air Vent has invested a great deal in independent research studies that further analyze and enhance the design of their high-efficiency attic ventilation systems.

What’s Being Discussed on Airing It Out?

This episode of Airing It Out with Air Vent discusses how proper attic ventilation helps protect your roof, roof deck, attic insulation, and more. Khaled from Precision Roof Crafters is the special guest roofing advisor and shares the story of one homeowner who reduced their electric bill by 25% thanks to the proper attic ventilation. Listen in via Youtube here.

Call Precision Roof Crafters

If you’ve been googling “roofers near me,” your search is finally over! Precision Roof Crafters is a leading provider of roofing services throughout Houston, TX, and surrounding cities, including Piney Point Village and Galveston. Our technicians have extensive experience and training in roofing repairs, installations, and maintenance. Whatever your roofing needs are, you can count on us to get the job done. 

This team of Houston roofers is committed to top-tier work and client satisfaction. This is why we treat every home as it were our own, ensuring that we resolve all of your roofing issues correctly and promptly. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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