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We are your above and beyond team. Stafford, Tomball, Spring Valley, River Oaks, Bellaire, and Katy are just a few of the communities we serve. What makes our team of local roofing professionals so unique? Over time, we have continually developed experience with residential, commercial, and historic roofs throughout the Houston area. The sky is always the limit for us!

Caring for you and your property is always at the core of our everyday operations. With over 27,950 projects completed to date, we continue to earn the trust and business of our Texan neighbors daily.

Roof Repair Near Me

Woodland’s roof repairs can be costly, especially if they’ve gone ignored for too long. The key to avoiding expensive repairs and premature roof replacements is to keep an eye on the condition of your roof with proper Woodlands roof maintenance. At Precision Roof Crafters, we offer peace of mind through our roof maintenance services and Overhead Care Club©. By enrolling in this program, you’ll know that your roof is ready to protect you from whatever Mother Nature sends your way, and you won’t have to worry about water invading your home! Contact Precision Roof Crafters today for more information.

Working on high roofs is dangerous for anybody but even more so for those who are not professionals. Avoid these taxing roof repairs altogether by keeping up with your maintenance. This entails fixing loose or corroded tiles. Precision Roof Crafters also has an excellent roof maintenance service! For the best local roofer, call us today to repair your damaged roof. We have a brilliant team of roofers that will provide reliable roof repairs to our Houston neighbors.

Ignoring roof repair can lead to severe damage to the overall look of your house or business and cost you more money at the end of the day. It is vital to keep an eye on your roof and to have repairs done as soon as they are needed. Prolong the life of your roof by contacting Precision Roof Crafters for your roof repairs. As a qualified roofing contractor, we can offer expert advice on the condition of your roof and what the next step is to fix it.

Finding & Repairing Leaks

Are you tired of your leaking roof? Placing buckets around your home to catch the water from your leaking roof is an inconvenience. It’s also unsafe for those in the building. Someone could slip on a hidden puddle and get injured. These puddles can also cause water damage to your home or business.

Historical Roof Repair Near Houston, TX

As a top-rated, professional roofing contractor, we have worked on various types of residential and commercial historic roofs in Houston and surrounding areas for more than two decades

When it comes to historical buildings, we focus on capturing the original beauty and try to restore it to its former glory. Precision Roof Crafters can help you to preserve the valuable characteristics of your classical home or building.

Roof Replacement and Installation

If you need a roof installed on your new home or business, you are reading the right service page. This is where you will find quality roofing replacements for your Woodland home. We install various types of roofs at an affordable price to ease your financial anxiety. We provide so many different kinds of roof replacements to give your business or home a classy look. 

If you are spending more money on roof repairs than you want to admit, contact us so we can replace your roof and save you money. Installing a roof should be left to professionals. DIY roof replacements are dangerous and can lead to injuries. Don’t risk falling off your roof, rather contact us. We have years of experience; installing roofs is what we do!

A professional roofer will evaluate the condition of your roof and offer you advice on whether a roof replacement is actually necessary. We don’t want our clients to spend more money than they have to. Precision Roof Crafters will give you an honest assessment and walk you through the process to ensure you are on board with the replacement.

Roof Maintenance Services

The best way to prevent your Woodlands roof from breaking down prematurely is to regularly maintain it. Regular maintenance ensures that your roof will stay strong and keep your home safe, dry, and comfortable for many years. With regular Woodlands roof maintenance, you won’t have to worry about unexpected leaks springing up during a thunderstorm or mold unknowingly growing and spreading in your attic. Regular maintenance solves all of those nasty issues and more. To regularly maintain your roof, here are a few things you should do at least once a year:

  • Inspect your gutters
  • Inspect your attic
  • Inspect your skylights
  • Inspect the remainder of your roof

Execute these few small tips, and you’ll have a happy, healthy Woodlands roof for many years to come.

Types of Roofs


There are two main types of Asphalt Shingles. They are Fiberglass and organic-mat. The organic shingles use a cellulose-fiber mat made from wood saturated with asphalt. This process makes them waterproof. Organic shingles have excellent durability and blow-off resistance.


If you want a low-maintenance roofing option, a metal roof may be the best option for you. We will ensure a quality metal roof installation so you can rest easy at night.


You can’t go wrong with installing a tile roof. They are fantastic investments. Tile roofing is becoming more popular due to its various architectural and color choices, its energy efficiency, and durability in cold and windy areas. Tile roofing is a low-maintenance option.


Flat roofs are great for maximizing the amount of usable space both above and below the roof. They also make for a modern and stylish addition to any building. For top-quality roofing systems, contact the professional Houston roofing contractors at Precision Roof Crafters. We provide flat roof systems for residential and commercial clients throughout Houston and neighboring communities.

Need help? We’re here for you. Give us a ring, and one of our friendly, locally-based roofing representatives will help you decide what you have, or what you need for your Houston property!

Residential Roofing

We understand how important it is to have a solid roof to keep your loved ones safe in a comfortable home. Not only do we repair and install roofs, but we also provide expert advice about materials that will suit your needs, for both aesthetic and practical purposes. We will also answer any questions you have about your roof installation or repair. When you choose Precision Roof Crafters as your Houston residential roofer, you are investing in your home and increasing its value. 

Commercial Roofers in Houston

By keeping your business premises well-maintained, you extend the structure’s lifespan and make your business look professional. Clients will know that you take care of your valuable assets. If your business’ roof needs a repair or replacement, we’ve got you covered. No matter how complex your commercial building is, we are here to live up to the challenge and fix your roof!

At Precision Roof Crafters, we understand that your business is your baby. We work directly with owners and managers so we can provide exactly what you want. From roof repairs to roof installations, there is nothing we can’t do. If you have a roof, we have the solution. 

We try to be as quick as possible with your roofing repairs and installations, so we don’t interrupt your business practices. The last thing we want to do is deter your clients. 

Call Your Above and Beyond Team!

Now that you know about all our great services, we look forward to receiving a phone call from you sometime soon. We are the best local roofers with affordable prices and quality service. We also make a point of using high-quality materials to give you the best value for the money you spend. A good roof can last decades, and that is what we want. 

If you need roofing services, give us a ring, or send us a message online! We are eager to help you and your property.

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