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Since 1996 Precision Roof Crafters has been serving the Southeast Region of Texas with renovation, catastrophe restoration, and new construction services. We have completed over 24,000 projects across the country with zero failures – a testament to our unyielding commitment to client satisfaction. Our experience and dedication to our clients set us apart from other roofing companies in the Houston Metro area.

Roof Repairs in Katy, TX

Often times homeowners either ignore or are unaware of small roof repairs that their Katy roofing system needs. But neglecting to have your roof repaired can lead to costly damages to your budget and the overall look of your home or business, even if the problem seems small or insignificant.

Your roof can get damaged in storms by falling branches or simply endure wear and tear over time. When these things happen, Katy homeowners know they can count on Precision Roof Crafters to find and fix the problem. 

Our roof repair experts can pinpoint the cause of leaks, replace damaged vents, and fix broken skylights. We are available for emergency repairs or annual roof inspections. Are you interested in saving money on roof repair costs? Many homeowners in Galveston and other areas have joined our Overhead Care Club for discounts and top-of-the-line service.

Roof Maintenance

Over the course of a year, a home in Katy might go through multiple storms and high winds and accumulate more debris than you realize. Then, there are the high temperatures in the summer and cold in the winter. All of these things can cause wear and tear. Eventually, this can lead to severe damage and risk of leaks.

The best way to keep your roof in shape and make it last as long as possible is to schedule annual roof maintenance. If you join our Overhead Care Club, that includes a yearly safety inspection, removal of debris on your roof, attic analysis, gutter inspection, and cleaning and other maintenance tasks.

Roof Replacement Services

Eventually, every roof needs to be replaced. Our roof replacement experts have years of experience removing damaged roofs and installing new ones that will last for years. If you suspect your roof is nearing the end of its life, we will come to your home in Katy or Houston to help.

Before hiring a professional Katy roofer, make sure to keep in mind these helpful tips. It is not a good idea to just hire somebody right away. First, hire not just a roofer but a professional roofer – a licensed Katy roofing contractor. You have to verify that the company you’re hiring is licensed and that you have also checked the status of his license.

Signs You Need a New Roof

It’s time for roof replacement if you notice the following signs:

  • Damaged shingles
  • Evidence of leaking or moisture in your attack
  • Shingles that have lost their protective grit
  • Leaks or damage in multiple places
  • The cost of repairs is no longer feasible
  • Damage to roof decking

Also, if your roof is more than 20 years old, you should consider roof replacement. You may not be able to identify all damage to your roof from the ground. That is why we always recommend an inspection from one of our roof replacement experts.

Is Your Roof Outdated and Ineffective?

The Roof on your Katy or Hedwig village home really impacts its curb appeal. An older, faded roof can make your home look dated and in disrepair. Imagine how much nicer it will look with a new roof in a great color and style.

Our roof replacement services include an initial inspection, working with you to select the perfect new roof, acquiring the building permits, and completing the roof installation promptly. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the final results, as many of our other customers are.

Commercial Roofing

Business owners need a reputable roofing contractor with commercial roofing experience when they search for “roofers near me.” 

Precision Roof Crafters team members have the skills necessary to install and maintain all commercial roofing applications. Additionally, we understand the unique needs and concerns of our business customers. We will do everything we can to complete all work while allowing you to maintain business continuity.

Residential Roofing

There’s no doubt that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects the interior of your home from damage and contributes to the overall look of your property. Ensuring that your roof is well taken care of is one of the key responsibilities of owning a home.

When you face the prospect of repairing your roof or replacing it, that is a major investment. Of course, you are concerned with finding a roofing company you can trust. If you need Residential Roofing services, please remember that Precision Roof Crafters has been roofing homes in Katy for more than 25 years.

Types Of Roofs

You deserve an attractive, functional roof that suits your tastes and goes with your home’s architecture. Because of this belief, we have hired roofing experts who can install and maintain a full range of roof types.

Of course, we repair and install asphalt shingle roofs of every kind. Our skilled roofing crews also work with tile roofs, residential and commercial flat roofs, and long metal roofs.

Roofing Systems

Over the years, we have developed working relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of the best roofing systems in the industry. That allows us to source the best materials. When that’s combined with our expert craftsmanship, the result is a roof that looks great and lasts four years.


We don’t view your gutters as an afterthought. They protect your roof and underlayment from water damage. A properly installed gutter system also channels water away from your home to prevent erosion and foundation problems. Members of our Overhead Care Club receive annual gutter cleaning and inspections. 

Additionally, our crews will install and repair quality gutters and downspouts to keep your home in good condition no matter the weather.

Roofing Contractors Near Me?

Our professional Katy roofing contractors are experienced and skilled at installing roofing systems, making roof repairs, re-roofing, roof replacements, and roofing maintenance. Whether you are looking for Katy residential roofing or commercial roofing, you can rely on our team for prompt, reliable services.

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