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For over a decade, Precision Roof Crafters has continued to earn the trust and loyalty of many of their Houston neighbors as a direct result of our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality services. Today, perhaps the greatest sign of Precision Roof Crafters’ success is the fact that over 70% of our work is performed for repeat clients and referrals. Devoted to quality, our standards will not be compromised. You can count on our Clear Lake roofing contractors to provide you with excellent quality and customer service. We are your Above And Beyond Team.

Precision Roof Crafters began business in 1996 serving Clear Lake with renovation, catastrophe restoration, and new construction services. Since then, our roofing professionals are proud to have completed over 20,000 projects across the country with zero failures.

Are you building a new home in Clear Lake, TX, and need a reliable roofing installation company? Or perhaps you’ve come to realize enough time has passed, and your building needs a roof replacement. Either way, you can count on your Above and Beyond team of professional roofers at Precision Roof Crafters. Our contractors have the knowledge and experience to complete any roofing project, big or small.

Pre-Construction Meeting

We want you to ask questions and clearly understand what the roofing process entails, which is why our production manager will meet with you and go over all the details beforehand. 

Obtaining Building Permits

Residential and commercial roofing projects require particular permits and must follow local regulations. We have a lot of experience with this step of the process and will ensure the paperwork doesn’t slow us down or create any headaches for you.

Delivery of Materials

Once the roofing materials arrive at your location, we double-check everything is ready, and there is no damage. We want your project to finish on time and budget, and having the right supplies makes that possible.

Weather Conditions

Daily weather conditions can be our best friend or our worst enemy when installing a roof. We always do our best to schedule the essential steps of the process when the weather forecast is clear, and we won’t take a chance on the weather and have you suffer the consequences. 

Overhead Care Club In Houston, TX

Clear Lake roof repairs can be costly, especially if they’ve gone ignored for too long. The key to avoiding expensive repairs and premature roof replacements is to keep an eye on the condition of your roof with proper Clear Lake roof maintenance. At Precision Roof Crafters, we offer peace of mind through our roof maintenance services and Overhead Care Club©. By enrolling in this program, you’ll know that your roof is ready to protect you from whatever Mother Nature sends your way, and you won’t have to worry about water invading your home! Benefits include:

  • Annual Gutter Cleaning of up to 150 feet!
  • Reduced Diagnostic Fee of $19.95
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
  • Guaranteed Appointments within 24 hours!*
  • The Roof Care Advantage: 22 Point Safety Analysis, Debris Removal, Skylight Cleaning and Attic Analysis

Roof Repair

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know when your Clear Lake, TX property needs an entire roof replacement or could manage with some timely repairs. Either way, there are certain symptoms of roof damage you can keep an eye out for, and if you see them, contact the professionals at Precision Roof Crafters.

Common Issues and Repairs

We’ll assess the damage and help you determine whether to proceed with repairs or consider a roof replacement. 

Water Stains or Peeling Paint

Damage to your roof could happen quickly during a storm or slowly over time. If your roof has a leak, it usually manifests as peeling or blistering exterior paint or indoor water stains. The issue could also be damaged gutters that aren’t carrying water away from your property correctly. When water manages to enter spaces it shouldn’t, such as your attic or chimney, you’ll want to find the source as soon as possible. 

Damaged Shingles

Many Clear Lake, TX, homes have shingle roofs, and shingles often find ways to tell you something is wrong with your roofing system. Because shingles are individual pieces, replacing only the damaged ones is usually a straightforward and cost-effective solution. 

Shingle damage can come in many forms. Sometimes older shingles will crack or warp due to prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and ice. Other times, shingles wear down slowly, and their granules build up in your gutters or yard. Another sign of damage is discoloration. Do you notice an area of shingles that has become darker than other parts of your roof? This color change could indicate accumulated moisture or further damage underneath the shingles. 

Regardless of the damage you find, it’s always a wise choice to contact professionals for assistance. Climbing up on your roof and trying to do repairs yourself is dangerous and may end up costing you more money in the long run. 

High Energy Bills

While an increase in your energy bills could happen for many reasons, one possibility is an issue with your roof. Your roof insulates your home to help keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If your roof has a leak or its materials wear down, your energy bills could jump. If nothing else points to the spike in energy, your roof is likely to blame.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

Our roofers at Precision Roof Crafters in Houston, TX, have experience with every roof size and style in the area. We can complete any sized project at any level of complexity, from installing a flat roof for a commercial building to performing historic roof repairs on homes. We rely on the highest-quality materials and our industry knowledge to provide you with a dependable, long-lasting roofing solution.

In addition to working on residential and commercial roofs, we work with the following types of roofs: 


We supply traditional or organic-mat options to our clients. These roofing materials are versatile and energy-efficient. They are also impact-resistant and hold a Class A fire rating.


This roof type lasts for decades and is easy to maintain. Metal roofs also look beautiful while being fire-resistant and energy-efficient.


This elegant option provides durability and energy efficiency. Tiles are high-wind resistant and recyclable. Although installing these materials is more expensive upfront, you’ll experience a lower long-term cost thanks to their durability and longevity. 


An excellent choice for commercial spaces that need extra space, flat roofs entail low construction and repair costs. They’re also great at keeping utility costs down, especially if you live or work in warmer climates.

Roof Maintenance Services

The best way to prevent your Clear Lake roof from breaking down prematurely is to regularly maintain it. Regular maintenance ensures that your roof will stay strong and keep your home safe, dry, and comfortable for many years. With regular Clear Lake roof maintenance, you won’t have to worry about unexpected leaks springing up during a thunderstorm or mold unknowingly growing and spreading in your attic. Regular maintenance solves all of those nasty issues and more. To regularly maintain your roof, here are a few things you should do at least once a year:

Inspect your gutters

Keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris. When wet, that extra clutter can weigh down your gutters causing them to pull away from your home and cause costly damage. Blocked gutters also mean that water may be overflowing and running down the exterior of your home. That increased water can erode the dirt that helps stabilize your foundation!

Inspect your attic

Walk around in your attic and look for any mold that may be beginning to grow in your attic. You may also look for damp or set spots that would be prone to mold growth as well. Should you find mold, contact a professional to have it removed.

Inspect your skylights

Regularly clean your skylights. With falling leaves and debris, they can stick to your skylights leaving scratches or even discoloring them. It’s best to clear away any foreign objects and clean your skylights to avoid those problems and ensure that the skylight remains strong so that it may hold up to future storms.

Inspect the remainder of your roof

You’ve looked at both your attic and skylights. Once you’re on your roof, take a walk around and inspect the rest of it. Make sure that chunks of shingles are not missing. Clear away any large branches or debris that could affect the structural quality of your roof. Look at the flashing attached to your chimney; make sure it doesn’t appear to be deteriorating. Also, take a moment to examine your vents and see if they’re blocked or working properly.

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